It’s been a while

Hello, really a long time passed since I last made a post. Simple, I felt lazy all that time and couldn't bring myself to study. I think I started lazying on duolingo at the end of last year as well. So now that I'm making a post it means, yes, I was actually studying. I … Continue reading It’s been a while


Afternoon study

I want to write a proper language study update like I used to. Whe thinking about stuff I came to think of how I would introduce myself in my strongest target languages and at the same time I wanted to check how well can I think in those languages(because that helps to learn) and this … Continue reading Afternoon study

Ich bin eine Banane

Hello language learners, the autumn is in full gloom. Yesterday the frost and fog lasted for most part of the day and the wind is freezing. One can only sit inside and find motivation to study languages. I've been studying languages a lot while being bored at work. I'm not skipping work for something more … Continue reading Ich bin eine Banane

I guess I’m having fun

Hello dear language learners, since getting a new phone a lot of things became available for me. I have enough memory for all the apps, lots of music and plenty of pictures I take, unlike in my previous phone. And I use it all well. For language learning I have a few apps but my … Continue reading I guess I’m having fun

Catching up on J-dramas

I stopped watching anime and both Japanese and Korean dramas for some months but in spring I tend to pick up watching again. Already fell behind the shows I was watching, but now I start something new as well. This week I watched a lot already. Two movies: あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。 Started watching anime long long time … Continue reading Catching up on J-dramas