Why am I doing this?

I started this blog to keep track of 3 main languages I study at the moment: Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Those aren’t the only ones a linguaphile like me wants to learn but currently I’m focused on them. First of all, English isn’t my first language, but I learnt it before I started learning it in school. I think I went to school already knowing some English. Chinese was the first language I wanted to learn but back then I haven’t even thought of self studying. However, soon I discovered Japan and it became #1, so did Japanese language. I knew that language courses cost a lot and I wouldn’t be allowed to attend, that’s when I thought of self studying. Anime was my first steps to learning language where I learnt some phrases and words, I paid attention to the pronounciation as well. Up until now I only self study Japanese whereas I had the chance to pick up Chinese classes in my uni because a teacher from China came for a year. So here’s my chance from years ago when I first got interested. When I became a kpop fan I haven’t planned to study Korean because of it, nor because of watching unsubbed dramas but I keep meeting the language and after thinking about it, researching blogs, reading tips and whatnot I finally decided to start learning it and start a blog at the same time.

I guess in the end I can mention other languages too.

1.German. I had it in school but I regret I wasn’t a good student and haven’t learnt all I could back then. One of my dreams is to improve my skills in this language.

2.Latin. Studied for 2 years in University. I always wanted to learn it but they removed it from schools so I was happy to have a chance. It’s such a majestic language and I had the best teacher ever who helped me grow love for this language. In some ways it’s similar to my native language, Lithuanian, so it’s easier to learn than, for ex., English speakers.

3.Finnish. I had it only for one semester but it gave me the basics and I plan to continue self studying. I already know where I lack and where I want to improve.

4.Swedish. Had even fewer basics than Finnish but my interest in Scandinavian countries makes me want to learn it. It’s easier than Finnish and I hope I can pick it up by myself.

5.French and Spanish. Originally were the languages I wanted to learn and I had picked up bits but don’t feel as serious as with languages above. I even thought about Polish and even Tagalog…all languages are interesting and beautiful, it’s worth studying either of them.


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