First week of learning Korean

Looking back at this week I don’t feel proud. I haven’t done as much as I wanted but overall it wasn’t so bad. And it was my first week of learning Korean so I want to look back on what I learnt.

I started lessons with TTMIK and their level 1 workbook, along with Ewha 1-1 textbook. I started learning Korean already knowing 한글 and some words, like the greeting, agreeing, disagreeing, so this was unnecessary but there were things I learnt, like

When the [ㅂ] sound is followed by ㄴ or ㅁ , the [ㅂ] is nasalized as [ㅁ].

It was also confusing about when is ㄱ pronounced as k and when as g, but now I figured out.

I also learnt the 은/는 and their usage.

One of three things that bothered me most about Korean language and I wanted to know was the mentioned above g/k reading. Second was writing letters at which TTMIK workbook came and saved me by explaining it.

And the third and the latest thing I found out was spacing. Honestly, I never paid attention to it before and I didn’t knew it was a big deal but it is. Since I learnt that the meaning depends on spacing I was curious to find that out as soon as I start learning. I found these things important in Korean language and decided to learn them first:

1.Writing letters.
2.Building sentences.
Of course, reading 한글 is first but I knew it from before so it’s not mentioned. Building sentences is what is left on my list and I will start with it my next self studying lesson.

I try to combine everything in my lessons: reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, listening. This way I won’t miss out anything and won’t have such lack in some parts like I have with Japanese.

Speaking of Japanese, lately I’ve been meeting and chatting with Japanese on twitter which helped me learn some grammar in daily conversations, new words even and finally, I made friends. I read so much about Japanese people politeness and their manners and way of thinking and I could see it by myself. I tried being as polite as I could myself to the point that I started thinking in Japanese when typing in English too. That’s great, isn’t it? I realised how much to them it means if you’re the same age, we’d feel more comfortable talking to each other and would jump straight to informal speech. The two most common things I started to enjoy in some way were:

1.Seeing usually the same-looking sentence about “how good I am in Japanese” and replying to all the same way with まだまだです. It’s not just being polite but also truth, because sometimes I need a dictionary to translate some words, sometimes I need to find the right order of putting a sentence I have in my mind or learn how to write the word because I know how it sounds but don’t know how it’s written in kanji..

2.Their surprise when I say that I’m Lithuanian. That’s when the compliment is followed but honestly, I love that surprise, it seems cute and makes me smile.

After talking to Japanese people and seeing for myself what I read about them so far makes me love Japan more and admire people more. I could learn their politeness. I wish I and other people were that nice to everyone. Thoughts that came across my mind. I never felt judged or ignored and they seem so honest. My Japanese language skills might be poor but I was never turned down because of that (rather, they are happy to hear and cheer me on when I say I’ll do my best in learning the language). Oh well, I might have another fever of “I want to go to Japan so baaaaaad”.

Finally, I’m going to be receiving and writing my first letter in Japanese to a friend I made. I’m super excited and super nervous. It’s easy to look up unknown words from twitter but it will be different to read handwriting and to write myself. This might be another step in my Japanese language studies.


For the end: I had put stickers of 한글 on my keyboard. Sorry for the bad quality and until next time.



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