My reading material

I’ve been wanting to share my few Japanese books and magazines I own and last week I visited Japan Embassy where I borrowed few more books so now the post will be even longer.

First of all, my first Japanese novel I received from a Japanese pal.


It’s 1リットルの涙 or 1 Litre of Tears, Kito Aya’s diary which I’ve wanted to read after watching the drama. I started translating it myself and started learning kanji at the same time. My progress is still small.


Pages are full of kanji reading and translations, I wrote down furigana even for kanji I already know.

My second kanji learning practice was Miura Haruma’s 1st photobook たぶん. Well, I’m a fan of him.


Pages are also full of translations.

Last year I received a magazine in which as I read I highlight kanji I can read. I had reread it few times with some break to see if I learnt anything new and can read more. One day these pages will be covered in pink completely.


Actually, I own two magazines, both with my favourite Korean band, B.A.P (happy fangirl).


And finally the books I borrowed.


Two of them are novels(I gave up on Bedtime Eyes already, it’s not my type of novel D:) and three others are language books. These are the few among all the books Embassy provides in their library, sadly.

Now a closer look at each.


It’s The 2002 Japanese Language Proficiency Test book for levels 3 and 4. I know it’s whole 12 years old but as I said before, the selection is limited and I’d like to try everything, it’s still a language practice. It provides test answers too and there’s a CD for listening part. I haven’t tried it yet.


I love this book. Making Sense of Japanese by Jay Rubin, who translated Haruki Murakami novels(have I already mentioned I’m a big fan of Haruki Murakami?). I read it asap and it taught me useful lessons. Especially about は、が and how to not overuse 私.That was my problem, but I learnt my lesson and in my daily conversations with Japanese friends I watch what I type. I’m happy to see I’m making progress with Japanese, fixing my mistakes. One girl asked me to teach her English..we’re learning from each others.

And finally.


A Dictionary of Japanese Particles. I already started working with it and I love it.

I’m grateful for Japan’s Embassy which is the only place around here that I can get my hands on Japanese books, books about Japan. They are the best! 😀

P.S.Today I had my Chinese exam and I’m anxious for results. I’d like to score higher than previous time, but don’t have many hopes because I scored 92.5% then.


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