Days #13, #14 and #15

I finally finished with the first chapter of Intermediate Japanese. For listening task I had to listen 3 times to mark every answer, but the saddest part is..there's no way to self-check answers. -_- I started the 2nd chapter called あいさつ言葉and read the 3 dialogues while highlighting the unknown kanji. Also, worked with the dictionary … Continue reading Days #13, #14 and #15


Something curious

I lost a day of studying, but earned some money, so it worked out in the end. For the past two days I've been searching MA studies, although I have another year of BA and I found the perfect one, but there are two cons: 1.It's in the other city. 2.It costs like hell. But … Continue reading Something curious

Days #6 – #12 (Failure is the basis for success)

I haven't updated my progress for a while, but good news that I now have my Integrated approach to intermediate Japanese and I can work with it.I haven't finished first lesson yet, there's a lot to do. There are three dialogues on the same topic, reading passage, 14 grammar points, some language tips, a listening … Continue reading Days #6 – #12 (Failure is the basis for success)

Days #4 and #5

I haven't thought I will be so busy every day that I still don't spend as much time for studying languages as I used to before. Yet I still managed to keep my decision of working with Dictionary of Japanese particles and Korean grammar in use every day. I also worked on one Ewha topic. … Continue reading Days #4 and #5

80 Days Challenge: Days #1, #2 and #3

I planned to write a post, but lots happened and now this is at least 3 days late. By the end of my exams I counted that I am going to have 80 days of summer which I could use for intense language studying: Japanese towards N3 level abilities, Korean at least the 1st level … Continue reading 80 Days Challenge: Days #1, #2 and #3