80 Days Challenge: Days #1, #2 and #3

I planned to write a post, but lots happened and now this is at least 3 days late.

By the end of my exams I counted that I am going to have 80 days of summer which I could use for intense language studying: Japanese towards N3 level abilities, Korean at least the 1st level and practice Chinese from time to time so that I wouldn’t forget what I learnt until next semester.

I planned how I’ll work on this challenge:

For Japanese, daily Japanese particles’ study and for Korean, daily work using Korean grammar in use, which is one of the best purchases and I am glad it arrived so quickly.


Unlike my intermediate Japanese book which got stuck and I have less and less hope to receive it..

These two books are the main materials for every day, while additional materials are: Ewha 1-1 textbook and TTMIK website and their workbook for Korean. As for Japanese language studies, I have various printouts(I prefer paper to electronic materials), some reading which I can read and translate to learn new vocabulary and a few helpful websites. I would add the intermediate book, but well…

And I already started with my challenge and it has been 3 days since then, but the start was as poor as my health. And I’m late to blog about it. Nevertheless, I have more than 70 days to pick up pace and the amount of work I’ll do every day will vary.

To look back on these days, this is what I did so far:



  • だけに
  • だの
  • だって


있다,more sino-Korean and native Korean number practice, dates and days of the week and time.

I’m looking forward to studying both languages more seriously.



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