Days #4 and #5

I haven’t thought I will be so busy every day that I still don’t spend as much time for studying languages as I used to before. Yet I still managed to keep my decision of working with Dictionary of Japanese particles and Korean grammar in use every day.

I also worked on one Ewha topic. 이/가 and same grammar point in Korean grammar in use. It was easy, because I already learnt it before with TTIK lesson. This gave me more practice and it makes me happy that I start to comprehend how “Korean works”. And learnt some words. I’m a beginner so every little thing seems worth celebrating.

There was, however, a new point:

When 가 is added to 나, 저, and 누구, they combine as follows: 나+가>내가  저+가>제가  누구+가>누가

Oh well, most of my hangeul stickers on keyboard became blurry by now so it got harder to type.

Back to my report, I also went through more Present Tense A/V -(스)ㅂ니다 lessons.

To make my Japanese language progress short, I went through all 13 meanings of particle で.

I still manage to keep my notebooks neat and ordered. I bought them in the end of April, but already so many pages are written.

There are some things on wordpress I haven’t figured out…I guess I’ll go do that now. Until next day report.


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