Days #6 – #12 (Failure is the basis for success)

I haven’t updated my progress for a while, but good news that I now have my Integrated approach to intermediate Japanese and I can work with it.


I haven’t finished first lesson yet, there’s a lot to do. There are three dialogues on the same topic, reading passage, 14 grammar points, some language tips, a listening task(2 CDs included), another task, kanji memorising and…more reading? I guess. 

What I liked most was the saying included in the end of first lesson. It goes like this:
失敗は成功のもと。Failure is the basis for success.

In my Korean studies I started tenses and the first two: Present Tense A/V-아/어요 and Past Tense A/V-았/었어요 is where the fun begins and I’m still not 100% comfortable with it. I will check out TTMIK lessons for these tenses. But I should remember that “Failure is the basis for success”. It’s the best language-learning motto.

Lately, a lot of my thoughts have been about internship in Sweden, Lithuanian community school. i applied and going to wait impatiently to find out if I’m going to be accepted. Not only I could visit Sweden, one of the countries I want to visit, but hopefully I could learn the language too.


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