Something curious

I lost a day of studying, but earned some money, so it worked out in the end.

For the past two days I’ve been searching MA studies, although I have another year of BA and I found the perfect one, but there are two cons:
1.It’s in the other city.
2.It costs like hell.

But I have the “either this or nothing” determination because I don’t want to study anything less good despite the obstacles.

Academic studies aside, I’m going to make the posts I wanted to write for a while, since I noticed this while studying. I have read many times that Korean is not similar to any language, but what’s this? While studying I found some Korean words sound a lot like Japanese words that mean the same:
의사(isa) – 医者(isha) = doctor
사진(sajin) – 写真(shashin) = photograph
준비하다(junbi hada) – 準備ができます(junbi ga dekimasu) = preparations

Is it me or these languages ARE similar?


2 thoughts on “Something curious

  1. I think Japanese and Korean have a lot of similar words, as they both influenced by Chinese. ^u^ There are a few websites (and textbooks) for Japanese people to leverage on their knowledge of Kanji so they can memorize a few Korean words more easily. It may be kind of heavy but one of such websites is:

    1. I didn’t knew about that. That’s a cool link, thanks 😀 I’ll take a closer look at it later.

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