Days #13, #14 and #15

I finally finished with the first chapter of Intermediate Japanese. For listening task I had to listen 3 times to mark every answer, but the saddest part is..there’s no way to self-check answers. -_-

I started the 2nd chapter called あいさつ言葉and read the 3 dialogues while highlighting the unknown kanji.

Also, worked with the dictionary of particles.

Upcoming days I’m going to continue working with the current chapter and the dictionary.

As for Korean, THIS is where even more fun starts. I saw that next to the title there’s a number, there are some grammar points who have few parts in the book for different usage so I found it and compared both. That happened with Future Tense V-(으)ㄹ 거예요which is used “to express a future plan or intention” compared with A/V -(으)ㄹ 거예요that “expresses the speaker’s supposition based on a personal experience or something seen or heard that provides the basis for the belief.” And Progressive Tense V-고 있다”the progression or continuation of an action” vs. V–고 있다”used with verbs that express putting on or taking off something”.

When I’m doing exercises in the book I don’t make that many mistakes, but I should do the review soon. I have one more Tense to study and then I’ll make my own sentences and post on lang-8, then we’ll see how much I understood. I decided to do such reviews after ending each chapter in both Japanese and Korean books.

My plans for Korean studies in upcoming days: TTMIK lessons for Tenses and review.


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