The most confusing thing in Chinese

I enjoy learning Chinese because grammar is so easy and so far I haven't had any difficulties, but there are these three confusing words: 哪 which, what 那 that 哪儿 where Even their reading is similar. 哪 nǎ, 那 nà, 哪儿 nǎr.


Days #31-#37

Haven't written about my progress for a week. This post is going to be a mess of languages. Two days ago I had the "I don't want to do anything" mood again. Maybe the heat is guilty? So I put the textbooks aside but played a bit with the apps. Japanese Finally tried conjugation app. Because … Continue reading Days #31-#37

Let’s talk about Japanese food.

I might be serious saying I will make a list of ''To Eat" before going to Japan.First number I would write Okonomiyaki. I can't explain why I am so interested in it, but it's like a favourite Japanese dish. Some time ago I watched Japanese food videos, curious of how some of them are made … Continue reading Let’s talk about Japanese food.

13 Kanji Japanese misread?

Thanks to my new Japanese app I accidentally came across this page of 13 Kanji Japanese misread with their true reading and this turned out to be a useful lesson although I can't understand all of it and I will have to translate those Kanji, but I'm going to write it down and learn. The app … Continue reading 13 Kanji Japanese misread?