Days #16, #17, #18

Yesterday I posted my sentences in Japanese and Korean on lang-8 and received corrections. Every Korean sentence was corrected(I’m thankful for that) while Japanese was less, which means I still have what to improve. Now I can post those sentences here.

1.어제 한국어를 공부했어요.
2.저는 한국어를 독학하고 있어요.
3.어제는 날씨가 좋았어요.그렇지만 오늘은 추워요.
4.12년간 학교에서 공부했어요.지금은 대학교에서 공부해요.
5.저는 어학 공부를 좋아해요.

This was written for the task in my textbook about 自己紹介, following the instruction.

I’m working with my usual textbooks, maybe a bit faster and I feel more productive.
I want to spend some time for Japanese dialect studies, particularly, 大阪弁. I have some web pages I might blog about later.

P.S.I like this new layout better.


2 thoughts on “Days #16, #17, #18

  1. Every time a 大阪弁 speaking character appears in a drama, I feel like learning it too! ^u^

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