Days #19 and #20

It has been only 20 days of my 80 days of daily Japanese and Korean studying and I see that I won’t finish all 80 days this summer. I think that heat has to do something with feeling lazy. Today was a hot day after a long while and I started feeling bored of what I was doing until now and I want to have more different books to work with, more listening and reading and writing practices for Korean. That’s why I decided to pick up some Sogang online lessons for that and although I hate learning from digital media I’ll handle it somehow.

In these two days I finished the chapter in Japanese textbook. Well, almost. I still have a writing task 私の夏休み. I’m having it now but I know how it will look like 😀 Listening task this time was surprisingly easy, one listening was enough.

As for Korean, I studied all three Negative Expressions in grammar bonus V(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다 which was similar to one of the grammar points, because both express the ability or possibility or lack of ability to do something.

Also, I have a problem. The Korean Grammar in Use CD isn’t working for me and I can’t download the mp3 files from darakwon either 😦 I really want to listen to audio files tho, it’s important for pronounciation.


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