Japanese blog

I did my 私の夏休み”homework”, got it fixed on lang-8 and posted on my Japanese blog which was created for Japanese Blog Community. This idea seems like a lot of fun and here are other blogs so far.

My first post is short but I already have an idea for a new one I will write soon.


3 thoughts on “Japanese blog

  1. I study japanese and i would like to follow blogs of japanese people that write in english, not only japanese since i am only N4. Any help please?

    1. Hello and thanks for a comment!
      I don’t know if there are Japanese people blogs on wordpress but if you want to read something suitable for your level I suggest http://mcha-easy.com/. In the language bar at top you can choose やさしい日本語 which will show you text with furigana over every kanji. I hope this will be what you’re looking for and good luck ^^

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