Days #25-#27


I finished the chapter but I need more kanji practice, I have memorized very few kanji so far. Most new words are related to 留学 in Japan. I have learnt some new cultural notes.


I wrote 11 sentences for each of 10 new grammar points I studied since last “review” and 6 of 11 sentences were marked as perfect on lang-8. Although I write correctly in my notebook I had sometimes typed on computer the wrong symbol or missed something so I could count one sentence as completely correct, I only made mistakes on computer. I should triple check before posting.

Below I’ll post the sentences with the used grammar points.

1.날씨가 따뜻하지 않아요.
2.저는 여름에 공부를 안해요.
Used 안 A/V-아/어요(A/V-지 않아요) for both. 

 3.저는 뭇 수영해요.
못 V-아/어요(V-지 못해요). 

 4.일본어를 할 수 있어요.
V-(으)ㄹ 수 있다/없다

5.도서관 가요.

6.식당에서 먹었어요.

7.언니 책입니다.

8.한국에 가고 싶어요.
V-고 싶다

9.어머니가 강아지를 예뻐해요.
This contraction was actually an exception in A-아/어하요.

10.친구가 예뻐져요.

11.만들기를 좋아하게 되었어요.
V-게 되다

Yesterday I finally practised some Chinese but I should make a separate post about it next time.


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