Days #28-#30

I admit, I wasn’t studying for two days at all. I went to my other book and didn’t brought my main books and notebooks because they are big and heavy and I was already carrying library books. But as soon as I came back I was studying again. I’m about to finish the 4th Japanese chapter tomorrow. I go through one chapter during the week and I seem to start a new one on Sundays. I won’t finish the book by the time I return to uni but I won’t finish 80 Days Challenge either. Nevermind, I’m glad I was able to study for this many days already. 

I’m also learning 5 kanji a day.

Aaand I found a way of getting the Korean grammar audio files, didn’t need any ripping programs, just copied the files. I prefer having audio on laptop and don’t use CDs. Putting them in every time I want to listen to a file? Too much trouble.

I really need to post the new post on Japanese blog. It already got corrections on lang-8, I’m just procrastinating. As well as leaving comments to others. Will do that in the morning, can’t bring myself to focus at night.


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