Let’s talk about Japanese food.

I might be serious saying I will make a list of ”To Eat” before going to Japan.

First number I would write Okonomiyaki. I can’t explain why I am so interested in it, but it’s like a favourite Japanese dish. Some time ago I watched Japanese food videos, curious of how some of them are made and watched this Okonomiyaki video.

It’s fun watching Japanese chefs cook. Speaking of which, the video about Takoyaki, another in my top list, made me watch with jaw dropping. Those hand moves.

Another video is about sweets. Until recently I never wondered how these sweets are made and it seems like some work of magic. I don’t think I could do this 😀

Finally, as a tea drinker it’s my dream to try Japanese matcha, used in Tea ceremonies. It looks perfectly green and delicious even if everyone claims it to be bitter.

Tea and tea ceremonies is my biggest interest of Japanese culture. This video was a lesson of how to prepare tea in right away, it was useful ^^

Her youtube channel was a good discovery. There are more interesting videos. I loved the flute cover of Harry Potter melody(potterhead forever).


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