Days #31-#37

Haven’t written about my progress for a week. This post is going to be a mess of languages.

Two days ago I had the “I don’t want to do anything” mood again. Maybe the heat is guilty? So I put the textbooks aside but played a bit with the apps.


Finally tried conjugation app. Because I’m an Android user, Android app here.
It’s pretty fun, there are three different levels and as the description says, it’s for beginner and intermediate learners, good while preparing for JLPT. I always check user reviews before downloading an app and this one seem praised.

SC20140725-232459 SC20140725-232513

Not only I manage to learn 5 Kanji a day but 3 particles every day too. I won’t remember them all now but I want to finish the book until the end of summer.
I already written more than half notebook which I started at the same time as Korean but while studying Japanese I write more text, like dialogues.


First of all, used the app called TOPIK ONE. It seems to have practice for each level. I wrote down the unknown words from vocabulary section and tried to do tasks but it’s harder than I thought. lol


Today I decided to write my own sentences again. It’s most exciting thing while learning language: to use the words and grammar points you learnt in practice. After getting corrections on lang-8 I couldn’t help but raise this question WHO TO BELIEVE WHEN TWO NATIVES GIVE DIFFERENT CORRECTIONS? ==”

Answers to my question, Can someone explain does 항산 and 언제나 both mean ‘always’ and are they interchangeable? made me even more confused. KGIU says it means ‘always’ and one Korean confirmed that while other said that ‘항상’ is ‘always’ and ‘언제나’ is ‘whenever’.

so so confused…


Finally. I’ve been planning to write about it sooner. From day to day I practice the target sentences from 1st book.

Sorry for all the list. There is at least one lesson missing, I think.

I didn’t had some of the characters written down so with the help of Pleco Chinese Dictionary I could look them up by both pinyin and English and write down. I swear it’s so hard to find materials for studying Chinese so this dictionary is gold.


I did the first lessons of first level of these languages on Duolingo. I’m a bit ashamed that I had German in school, but now I have to start it from beginning. The site reminds me of older Livemocha version. I’m not fond of these kind of websites anymore, so I’ll keep searching for other language learning resources.


I haven’t had it for one year and I miss this language. I found a website that has both classic Latin and Bible Latin and I chose classic, because that was the Latin I had in uni. I should study Latin again before I forgot everything.


This language isn’t popular, it’s even harder to find learning material and the only app I have is a dictionary THIS that doesn’t even give sample sentences. I need samples for everything – that’s how I learn. I got a pdf book which I don’t know when I will print it. Previously I borrowed Textbook and Workbook available from my uni library but I couldn’t study with it much in the middle of semester.

I still have printouts I received in Finnish classes. And I own few anime magazines in Finnish which I can’t read at all.


The situation is a bit better: I bought a grammar workbook written by one of my previous professor’s and almost photocopied her grammar book(it’s quite thin and this was cheaper solution), I also borrowed my friend’s papers from her Swedish courses. Finally, I own even more Swedish magazines. 

And I have THIS Swedish dictionary app and it provides sample sentences (yay~).


This was the longest post in this blog history and I managed to put all the languages I want to learn in one post. amazing

To end this enormous post I have two sentences in Chinese and Swedish I written down as important to learn

你学的是哪国语言?What foreign languages are you studying?
Hur många spräk kan du? How many languages do you know?


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