Book holder

For the past three days I did so much shopping but now I have everything I need including this convenient thing - book holder.It can hold both smaller and bigger books.This evening I'm going to study both Japanese and Korean for a while. I haven't done that for a month 🙂


Books books books

The title is because I'm all about them. Today was full of books and my personal library increased. But most importantly is that I received my new Japanese grammar book which I ordered way back and it was held due to custom declaration and taxes -_-It's much bigger than I imagined, but instantly fell in … Continue reading Books books books

Learning Japanese with MLC free materials

[This is a scheduled post]I haven't seen any Japanese learners talking about it but when I discovered it I was really happy because it was exactly what I was looking for - free printables. I'm the person who prefers paper to digital materials when reading/studying.MLC is a Japanese Language school based in Tokyo. They offer … Continue reading Learning Japanese with MLC free materials

Learning Japanese from anime: female and male speech suffixes

I haven't studied languages for a while and it seems like forever, but I'm reading like crazy and in 7 days I finished 7 books, today I brought another 7 from the library and spent whole day reading.Also, today new Bangtan or BTS album came out with 14 songs. After listening to whole album I … Continue reading Learning Japanese from anime: female and male speech suffixes