Days #38-#42

Feeling a rather guilty while typing this post because I haven’t been studying as seriously as the first 40 days. I’m actually in a book reading mood now and on Tuesday I brought some interesting novels from the library and at the same day I started reading amazing fan fiction. Do you know the feeling of finding something new and extraordinary interesting that you are being absorbed by it and can’t think of doing anything else? That’s how I felt about that fan fiction as I spent the rest of the day reading it. Next day euphoria was gone and I still enjoyed it but haven’t neglected doing something else. I even wrote down 11 sentences for the Korean grammar points I studied recently and this time there were more corrected sentences. Mostly the grammar points. I suppose I didn’t understood those well then.

As for Japanese I only studied one particle, which has many meanings, に, and only today I wrote down the first dialogue from new topic, new words and grammar. My only comfort is that I lasted for 40 days of serious studying which is pretty impressive. Maybe it’s only natural I got tired and needed a change for brain. And maybe my motivation to study will return when I read enough crime novels(I love crime novels) and fan fiction. Or when I have my new grammar book. As I mentioned at first, new stuff can get you excited.


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