Learning Japanese from anime: female and male speech suffixes

I haven’t studied languages for a while and it seems like forever, but I’m reading like crazy and in 7 days I finished 7 books, today I brought another 7 from the library and spent whole day reading.

Also, today new Bangtan or BTS album came out with 14 songs. After listening to whole album I found 6 favourite songs that are going to be on repeat for no less than a month, I know 🙂

Although I haven’t studied languages, my books are back in the city and I hope to squeeze them in back in uni, I didn’t gave up on blogging. I still read new posts by my followed blogs and seeing others studying makes me want to do it as well ^^

I have some posts I had been wanting to write and today there will be one of them, about male/female used suffixes in Japanese. I read about it in my Integrated approach to intermediate Japanese and since then I was paying attention to them in an anime I’ve been watching at that time, One Piece. I just finished catching up with the anime, sadly :/ Nothing more to watch, but 657 episodes took me 4 month evenings 🙂 It’s still ongoing and when I try to calculate how much more it might take I’m sure there will be over 1000 episodes.

Now getting to the point. 腹hungry and 飯food(two favourite main character’s words :D) are used by males, while お腹andご飯are used by females.

Also, the suffixes ぜ、ぞ are considered strongly masculine while よ、わよ – feminine. The okama guy characteristically use feminine suffixes a lot in his speech.

There’s even more in this post I came across. 

One Piece is good for learning gender suffixes. …somehow I find male used words/suffixes more appealing.

Actually, if you haven’t started, don’t watch One Piece, it will hurt. A lot. 😀


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