Japanese for busy people III

It’s been a while since I went to the Japan Embassy. I brought two novels, two volumes of One Piece manga in Japanese and two language books. This time it’s Japanese for busy people III Revised Edition textbook and workbook.


It seems like these are two different books. The contents of the textbook is below. It’s a book for beginners but the topics are interesting and more practice won’t hurt.


But in the Workbook there are 20 lessons:
1.Apparently a famous star is staying here
2.He ought to be here by now
3.I haven’t a clue when we’ll be able to go
4.Wow, that looks delicious!
5.I went and put it in the drier
6.I took the pills before I got on the boat
7.Well, I’m going even if it pours down
8.The Birdman Contest is hold every July
9.What would you make your robot do?
10.Now you can get there in thirty minutes
11.Thank you for asking me to come
12.When flying I try not to eat anything…
13.I will bring you the chopsticks right away
14.Despite queuing for hours, I still couldn’t get the tickets
15.After much consideration I have decided to retire
16.Fast asleep on the sofa with his clothes still on
17.A Maneki-neko is put by the door to attract business
18.I’m starving. Let’s grab a bite to eat.
19.And so that’s why it had such big teeth
20.Akira Kurosawa, Film Director

It also sounds interesting.

I looked through book and this caught my eye. It was a new thing, I never heard about Aizuchi before. The same text was also written in Japanese.


Here’s what I didn’t like from simply browsing the book. I wish it was written in Japanese instead of romaji.


I wonder if I should write reviews of books after getting to know them better.


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