My to-do in Japan list

Sadly, I'm neither going to Japan YET nor do I know WHEN will I go. But I am allowed to dream (and plan) the places I want to visit and things to do. Right now I'm very into this list: Go to Japan. Take the N'EX E259 (I love trains). Sleep in traditional room in … Continue reading My to-do in Japan list


Learning progress update

October 15th:I haven't written anything about my progress since my 80 Days Challenge(which only succeeded for half of the time). Here's how I have been learning lately: Listening to Japanese radio podcasts. Learning a couple of grammar points from どんなときどう使う日本語表現文型辞典. Few exercises/writing down texts/new words from Japanese for Busy People III Workbook. I gave up … Continue reading Learning progress update

Reading blog in Japanese

I have suggested it in one comment reply so I should put it on blog too. So far the best blog for readers of every level I found. You can pick from few languages on the top right bar and if you choose やさしい日本語 you will see blog posts written in Japanese and all the … Continue reading Reading blog in Japanese

Chinese numbers are 很难 glorious day for language studies. I love it when in Chinese classes we do exercises by ourselves. Teacher writes them by hand for us. So why Chinese numbers are very hard, as title says. Some samples of how to read the ones I had in exercise: 256 - two hundred fifty six 407 - … Continue reading Chinese numbers are 很难