Chinese numbers are 很难 glorious day for language studies.

I love it when in Chinese classes we do exercises by ourselves. Teacher writes them by hand for us.

So why Chinese numbers are very hard, as title says.
Some samples of how to read the ones I had in exercise:
256 – two hundred fifty six
407 – four hundred zero seven
8319 – eight thousand three hundred nineteen
2040 – two thousand zero forty
23004 – twenty thousand(sounds like two ten thousand) three thousand zero(when there are more than one 0 only one is pronounced) four
17963 – (in Chinese it’s one ten thousand) seven thousand nine hundred sixty three

You just read the digits one by one and when I first heard it it sounded so messed up that I can’t write down everything now but I’m getting better at it. I still have to think when I see 0 in the middle.

P.S. had made some changes in settings, used to be


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