Reading blog in Japanese

I have suggested it in one comment reply so I should put it on blog too.

So far the best blog for readers of every level I found. You can pick from few languages on the top right bar and if you choose やさしい日本語 you will see blog posts written in Japanese and all the kanji with furigana.


(click on picture to enlarge)

For me it’s a good way to learn new kanji. The reading is given, all I need is translation.

There are so many interesting websites I want to check out: my curiosity is endless. I just need time.

Here’s the link:


8 thoughts on “Reading blog in Japanese

      1. Oh yes, I found that one too. Good thing.
        I haven’t tried ameba yet, too much unknown kanji scares me 😀

      2. Oh, this one. I’m going to browse around it more.
        So far I see them only once.

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