Learning progress update

October 15th:I haven’t written anything about my progress since my 80 Days Challenge(which only succeeded for half of the time).

Here’s how I have been learning lately:

  • Listening to Japanese radio podcasts.
  • Learning a couple of grammar points from どんなときどう使う日本語表現文型辞典.
  • Few exercises/writing down texts/new words from Japanese for Busy People III Workbook. I gave up on textbook because there not enough kanji, most words are in hiragana and I don’t feel like I’ll improve like that. I would have to find all the kanji and that would take time.
  • Studying from online resources.

During one boring lecture I decided to search around the Naver app and with word 일분어 I came across a page that looks like JLPT study page for Koreans and somehow found one text(when I tried to backtrack on laptop I couldn’t find the text) I wrote down. It was written in Japanese and translated into Korean.

On the other news: on Monday I had first Korean lesson and something I feared happen: we are learning from very very basics. Like really – first few vowels. I feel so bored. I have learnt hangeul by myself and started learning grammar points and writing my own sentences – this is why I’m glad I went to Chinese classes with no knowledge of the language, besides the characters I recognise from Japanese. For the first time I don’t feel green in Korean but I don’t want to pretend to be learning how to write and say ㅏ,ㅑ,ㅓ,ㅕet catera. I’m so troubled thinking if I should continue or give up.(update two days later because I thought this post was gone when my browser crashed: I decided to quit and didn’t show up for next class on Wednesday. I came a long way while self-studying, there’s no point to repeat many things, I should move on like this.)

The first lesson:


We had to fill in a questionnaire about Chinese classes and I was stuck on this question. Yeap, it’s very easy.


UPDATE October 17th: We completed our second Chinese textbook and going to start the third one.


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