Unwelcome situation that helps you learn the language

This week B.A.P, one of my favourite Korean bands, filled lawsuit against their company. In short, they weren't paid for 3 years since signing the contract. During these days I read so many horrible things none of fans knew all this time. I won't try to write them down. This had happened with Block B, … Continue reading Unwelcome situation that helps you learn the language


A food post

No language updates this time because I was sick last week and didn't study much. Lately, I'm talking to my Japanese friends again, via twitter and line so it wasn't completely wasted week. Still, there's food in this post. Today I went to Gan Bei City restaurant. 干杯 in Chinese means Cheers! and it's a … Continue reading A food post

Late updates

I was planning to make a post on Thursday, then on Monday and now it's Tuesday and I will write it even if I'm slow. I thought I could keep up weekly reports and make myself organised. Lately I'm studying so much: for uni classes and all languages I want to learn. Almost all, because … Continue reading Late updates

Germany; Chinese update

It has been almost two weeks since I got tickets to Germany but I'm only blogging now. I can find some irrelevant excuses. But anyway, I will spend New Year there. It will be my first trip abroad and I feel excited ╰(°ㅂ°)╯ I'm going to visit Hamburg, Bremen and Frankfurt. I'm not sure about Berlin … Continue reading Germany; Chinese update