Germany; Chinese update

It has been almost two weeks since I got tickets to Germany but I’m only blogging now. I can find some irrelevant excuses. But anyway, I will spend New Year there. It will be my first trip abroad and I feel excited ╰(°ㅂ°)╯ I’m going to visit Hamburg, Bremen and Frankfurt. I’m not sure about Berlin although I had it on mind at first.

Knowing the date of the trip had (finally) made me pick up German and learn what I hadn’t in school (like articles. Them and me were never meant to be.). Some things come from memory during the process of studying.

I borrowed a grammar book Grammatik ist Kinderleicht! which has been translated to Lithuanian. It’s been a while that I worked with materials in mother tongue.

I’m glad something kicked me into picking up German, now I need something like that with Swedish and Finnish.


Second part of the post is just a quick update.

After finishing two Chinese textbooks we had learnt 251 characters in one year and we’re working with a third textbook. I am very pleased with my Chinese studies, so far only one language that doesn’t need any self-supervision(I hope this means what I wanted to say). Self-studying really needs a lot of strong will.


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