Late updates

I was planning to make a post on Thursday, then on Monday and now it’s Tuesday and I will write it even if I’m slow. I thought I could keep up weekly reports and make myself organised. Lately I’m studying so much: for uni classes and all languages I want to learn. Almost all, because there haven’t been progress in Latin.

I will list down what I did in previous week.


  • Learning kanji with dictionary gadget 今日の漢字 set for N3 kanji and updating every 12 hours. I scroll through words saving the ones that I find useful for myself and then I write down at least words of one kanji a day and practice writing. This isn’t a very helpful exercise but I memorize easier when I write.
  • Two grammar points from the どんなときどう使う book.
  • Watched NHK News Web Easy news, then listened to slower audio file, read the text and written sentences with unknown kanji.
  • Watched few episodes from NHK For School and tried making notes but then I found out I can copy-paste the text so I can print it instead.
  • Did a lot of exercises from Japanese for Busy People Workbook before returning it.


  • Language points: 在,给and 跟.
  • Memorizing new characters.


  • Grammar point V- (으)ㄹ 까요? part 1
  • Useful  sentences from TTMIK ”How do you say this in Korean?” lessons.


  • Struggling with particles.
  • Finished topic with all the prepositions showing place or direction.


  • Learning from my friend’s study papers: some of her notes are very useful.
  • Numbers, time, question words and basic dialogues.


  • 9 chapters: focusing on reading the dialogues, learning key sentences and structural notes.

If I can spend at least 30 mins every day for each language it should be ok. Sometimes I study for one class, then a language, then for class again. Getting good use of time and the days doesn’t feel short. However, weekends belong to my other hobbies.

The post wasn’t as long as I feared it will be xD


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