A food post

No language updates this time because I was sick last week and didn’t study much. Lately, I’m talking to my Japanese friends again, via twitter and line so it wasn’t completely wasted week.

Still, there’s food in this post.

Today I went to Gan Bei City restaurant. 干杯 in Chinese means Cheers! and it’s a Japanese restaurant. A Japanese restaurant with some Chinese dishes and Chinese words in the title. I think that sums up how people here see differences between Asian countries.

I was planning to go last Wednesday after Chinese class but I was feeling bad so I went home. I actually liked the daily offer last time more and wanted to try it. It was a tasty-looking soup but I forgot ingredients, and udon dish :(( This time I picked the soup and sushi. Every day there are three different offers: sushi, soup, other dish.

Duck soup with shiitake mushrooms.
20141126_172136Shiitake mushrooms didn’t feel different from Lithuanian mushrooms, actually.

Aiko maki with salmon, schrimp, philadelphia cheese, spicy sauce. Felt nothing besides salmon. And I was anticipating for the spicy sauce.
20141126_173559I still liked it because I used a lot of wasabi with every piece 😀 I never had the white thing before ^^” It has a bit sweet flavour but still weird.

Overall, that killed the hunger worm but there are cheaper options to eat. They use pretty dishes and I like that they give the hot towel to wipe hands.

Today I had a class in the morning so I lost my language-learning day but I can catch up tomorrow instead. While being sick I started missing learning.


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