I was studying languages, but not as much and there’s even less time until Christmas. So here’s what I did:


  • Listened to Tokyo FM podcast.
  • Practiced some grammar points I learnt in intermediate Japanese, by writing my own sentences and getting them checked on lang-8
  • Watched some youtube videos and wrote down new phrases/words.
  • Which led me to watching few videos by foreigners in Japan. I found there’s more I can learn about the country that isn’t written in any book. For example, if I didn’t hear this, I would had made this mistake by eating with my head brought to food and looking like a dog 😀 when you need to hold the food up closer when eating.


  • Studied Korean through Japanese on twitter.
  • Written self-introduction and got it fixed on lang-8.
  • More phrases from TTMIK How do you say this in Korean?
  • Grammar points V-(으)ㄹ 까요? and A/V-(으)ㄹ 까요?


  • Finished lesson and it will be last before the exam.
  • Learning a tongue twister from Chinese pod video. This is fun.


Studied one chapter.

As usual, I spent more time on Asian languages. I can’t help it, but I feel bad for neglecting others.


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