[Japanese textbook]テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語

I haven't finished the book, I am at the beginning actually(hadn't had enough time), but I read few chapters and tried to do the tasks in my head. I figured out the book enough to write my opinion. I'm not calling it review because I can't write reviews 😀 Post under cut. 1.Inside the book. … Continue reading [Japanese textbook]テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語


Book haul

Two books came at the same time. Ordered used books again but they came packed nicely. I wanted to study Korean using Japanese and kill two birds with one stone(just no bird killing). All the latest book purchase. The novels seem fit for winter reads. And three of them are crime books(I love them), you … Continue reading Book haul


Half of January is gone and I haven't studied much. When I received Yonsei reading book I did the first easiest chapters that were basically learning how to pronounce some easy and some hard words. And then I finished one lesson that included actual reading and tasks. That was all. No progress with other languages … Continue reading nameless