Germany trip #1: Bremen

Picture heavy, not HQ.

Left for Germany on December 30th on my first plane trip ever. Actually two because I had to switch at Frankfurt. For someone travelling alone and for the first time I did well. My first trip was the best one and most enjoyable out of 4. Somehow on my way back I didn’t enjoy and I blame me not feeling well then. I had the window seats because I wanted to get the best out of the trip. Who knows when I fly again. Here are some bonus cloud pictures and the snowy surroundings nearing Frankfurt.



My very first impression was that landscape isn’t different from here and places I saw in Germany could easily pass being put in my country. So I felt almost like home.

We went to Bremen on the 31st. Took the train which was around 2 hours from Hamburg.

Bremen main station
Bremen main station

I knew I will love Bremen: a smaller city with wonderful architecture and cosy Old Town or Altstadt where all places of interest can be covered by foot in a couple of hours.

We started with the windmill(Mühle am Wall).
20141231_132041 20141231_132423

Unser Frauen Kirche
Unser Frauen Kirche

20141231_133530 20141231_133719-1

Picture above:mass of people surrounding Town Musicians'(Bremer Stadtmusikanten) statue. Below – statue itself. Cropped because I couldn’t get any closer or find good angle because of people taking turns at getting their pictures next to it. The donkey’s legs are actually shiny from all hands touching them.

Marktplatz(Market Square)
Marktplatz(Market Square)


So many “first” things in this trip. First time seeing a tram. Simply because we don’t have one. It was also a nice contrast between old and new that I wanted to capture.

Ship in St. Martin's Quay(Martinianleger)
Ship in St. Martin’s Quay(Martinianleger)

After some small and crowded streets we came out to the riverside.

20141231_142441 20141231_142515 20141231_142541 20141231_142659 20141231_142723 20141231_1427412014-12-31-20-07-24_deco

The lovely Schnoor Quarter(Schnoorviertel). It’s the pearl of my trip.

In a round-trip we passed the last place.

St. Petri Dom(St. Peter's Cathedral)
St. Petri Dom(St. Peter’s Cathedral)

And we were back to where we started.


This Pigs and herder statue is actually at the beginning of the Altstadt, coming from the station. It’s not in the sightseeing map, though.


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