Half of January is gone and I haven’t studied much. When I received Yonsei reading book I did the first easiest chapters that were basically learning how to pronounce some easy and some hard words. And then I finished one lesson that included actual reading and tasks. That was all. No progress with other languages even when a couple of times I wanted to study but I couldn’t decide what I want to do. I feel like my Japanese is gathering dust. And I want to move the European languages from their winter sleep. And miss the Chinese classes. They won’t start before February.

I mentioned I was waiting for a book from Japan and arrived at last.

Two parcels.
Two parcels.

Notebooks arrived the following day so I brought both today. The Japanese book is 中級から学ぶ日本語, it’s a used copy so it was a bargain. The notebooks are Campus (I wanted to have some), the new, slimmer type.


What I like about the book is the medium size, light-weighted and comfortable to bring along when you can’t carry all of your books with you. It’s as big as three notebooks.

I haven’t seen any Japanese learners using either this or the advanced book. They include workbooks as well. I decided to risk because it was suggested by MLC and there were positive reviews on I am going to talk about it when I become familiar with the methods this book uses.


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