[Japanese textbook]テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語

I haven’t finished the book, I am at the beginning actually(hadn’t had enough time), but I read few chapters and tried to do the tasks in my head. I figured out the book enough to write my opinion. I’m not calling it review because I can’t write reviews 😀

Post under cut.

1.Inside the book.

20150128_130244The thin book consists of 25 chapters following the same structure.

20150128_125819Each chapter starts with new words followed by いっしょに考えましょう, topics to think and talk about that introduce the topic of following text.

20150128_125907After the text there are tasks.
答えましょう are questions from the text to check if you understood it.
使いましょう are tasks from 3 to 5 grammar points.
まとめましょう this one is tricky. It says to enter underlined words(there are some underlined phrases in the exercises, maybe those). To finish the text.

20150128_125919話しましょう A part gives a short text. You should read it and talk about it and talk in the topic given in B part.
書きましょう – I’m guessing it’s to conjugate given words and change phrases or create sentences according to the given sample.

The entire book is written in Japanese. My first impression was that I could use this single book proved wrong. There are no grammar explanations for grammar points which is where your grammar dictionary comes handy. This is when I realized the truth that this book isn’t suited for self-learners. Speaking tasks for classroom, teacher should explain the tasks and teacher should teach the grammar points. And no answers in the end of the book. Should I throw book out? No. I’m going to study with it my way making the best of it.

2.How self-taught can use it

  • turn the speaking tasks into writing and practice thinking in Japanese, then get it checked on lang-8.
  • put your grammar and vocabulary dictionaries to use.

3.Pros and cons


  • Suited for intermediate students. Texts and exercises get longer.
  • Interesting texts and exercises. N3 vocabulary.
  • Challenging.
  • Light-weighted.


  • More suited for classroom-studying.
  • No English translations/explanations.
  • No grammar explanations.
  • No exercise answers.
  • No listening tasks.

I bought in on Amazon.jp. There is a advanced book, too.


2 thoughts on “[Japanese textbook]テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語

  1. This book looks interesting but too difficult for me atm. 😀
    Also, that is a bit troublesome if there is no exercise answers. T.T

    1. That’s true 😦 It still was suggested for intermediate learners that’s why I looked into it.

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