First language report of 2015

Funny, because my first language report comes in February. But I really have what to report. last Monday I just suddenly started studying all of my languages, including Spanish and French which were put off as ‘someday’. Why not now?

I think it started by discovering, a web app for learning languages. I chose German and I get newspaper articles in German. What makes this good is that when you come across unknown word, you double click on it and you get a translation + it’s being sent to your flashcards you can review later.
lingua ly1Other thing that makes this good is that you can see your highlighted words in new articles you read so you won’t need to click on it again and seeing the same word will help you memorise it. You can delete it from the saved words in the corner.
lingua ly2
I’m sure many languages are available, I only use it for German now.
If you want to install it>>>

After some immersion in German I felt like going on my duolingo account and study. I started using it for German, Spanish and French but worked on German mostly.

With this sudden crave for German I even decided to check out Memrise. I joined it…and got addicted. Learning new words, then reviewing them later – this has became my daily habit. I joined a few lessons for German, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and French. Had joined one for Chinese and Korean but quit soon after. Somehow I am used to paper materials studying these languages and can’t break my language learning habits but I’m fairly new at other languages and need to build my habits. I only browsed Japanese lessons, by the way, but nothing seemed to interest me.

German, Spanish and French have beginner courses that follow similar pattern and vocabulary so thanks to that I can now order coffee and wine in three of these languages, say I can speak a bit of each. But I went ahead with German and learnt more because I set the biggest goal for every day. There is some kind of game this month that if you complete 12 days in order you can get selected to win stuff like Premium account. You can participate with any goal but biggest one has more chances, of course. Why not, German seems to be easiest of all languages I study now. Where was this motivation before my trip?

I’m happy I started French and Spanish, they are also quite easy. I can’t say the same about Swedish and Finnish. I know it’s just my thinking that it’s hard. For ex., Swedish pronouncation of ‘vi gör’ – we make, is ‘vi jör’, ‘skidan’ – fvidan(???) (the ski) or ‘byggnaden’ (the building) – ‘byggnad’. I started thinking that English can also be hard, like the words knife, scissors, the words with double letters moose, geese, etc. When you remember the rules it becomes easy. That’s how I need to think about Swedish – switch to Swedish-language-thinking.

But it leaves the problem of Finnish. I keep making errors because I can’t remember most of the words and if I do it’s only after a longest time. IT.IS.SO.HARD. I need to find a way out of thinking that it’s hard and impossible.

My poor Chinese wasn’t improved since December. The semester should be starting this month..I would agree for lessons twice a week again to use the remaining time.

I know I was learning a bit Japanese and Korean..suddenly these two languages got least attention. I’m such a bad learner. 😀


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