Weekly update #2

Writing numbers will be easier than thinking of a title every time. I should have written (latest) last night but my internet had other thoughts.

So this is my week in language learning.

I learnt 270/305 words in the basic German course on memrise. I will finish it really soon and move on to other that seems like a continuation. I have a few courses started on side but this one was the main one.

Through this course I discovered another awesome page made by learners for practicing German with real life conversations. I checked it out and stayed. Fun drawings of characters, good audio quality and fun texts to make listening interesting. Like in lingua.ly you can click on word/phrase and save it to your list. You see the translation of the sentence when hovering over it with a mouse. The project is called LingoJam and they still have few episodes. I hope they keep making more before I watch all.

French and Spanish
Also memrise lessons. Searching for actually free and good podcasts and failing.  So far so good, only French you are/you are not/he/she is/we are/we are not etc. giving me problems. It’s harder to remember them but this is essential so I have to suck it up.

Swedish and Finnish
Nothing worth mentioning about last week. lol Hopefully this week changes to better.

Downloaded 3 of the TTMIK Iyagi episodes and PDFs and listened to them…I can count all words I understood. Still early for me, I should go study more vocabulary.
Did a lesson in each book(the ones in Japanese).

Started new semester after two months today! Man, I’m rusty. I need to review. Lessons twice a week Tuesday-Wednesday 🙂

Studied a lesson from Maggie-sensei about travelling. That was quite a lot of new words and phrases but one day they will be useful. her lessons are super cute and easy to understand.
Translated and learnt some new kanji, mostly lingustic terms, from the Korean books.
Found a great wordpress blog to download and listen classical literature. It’s called Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime

milky railway

I started with Night of the Milky Way Railway and make it my duty to listen one part before bed every night. There’s an audio(which you can download♥) and script. I’m in a mood for more language listening and this was the best discovery.

A couple more interesting webs for Japanese learners.

First one is also on wordpress and it’s called Mihongo|Visual Dictionary What you can find there isn’t a regular dictionary only with pictures. The aim of this dictionary is to provide pictures for the words that are hard to translate and imagine without visualisation. It should be useful for those interested in culture and history. Say you come across words 下げ髪  垂髪 or 下げ下地. My JDIC dictionary app doesn’t know these words. But you will find them on Mihongo and you will know how those types of hairstyles looks like.


The owner has a blog in Japanese HERE  and if you check Mihongo links there are more good recources, including my favourite online dictionary weblio

And the last one is Japanese Accent Study Website. It’s for studying Japanese accent. It was funny to see the difference of ありがとう accents. According to it I say it in Osaka dialect. The other two look so weird I wouldn’t make myself use it. 😀 I’m interested, how are you saying it?


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