Weekly update #3

Typing this while listening to new One OK Rock album.

And here’s my week in language learning:

1. German. Still studying intensively. Finished(sadly) the lesson with 305 words but joined another few and my majority of lessons on memrise are for German. I borrowed some books from library so I have German reading material to accompany all the virtual resources.

2. Japanese. Learning new kanji. Still not in a mood for grammar so I won’t force myself.
20150215_143157Ugly handwriting on display.

3. Chinese. Two first lessons this week and came across some confusing measure words that are used for same situation. Need to find out the differences.

4. Korean. Struggling with learning new words but trying. I mastered a few grammar points in summer but my vocabulary is still poor.

Random pictures from my notebook
Random pictures from my notebook

5. French. I’ve been learning a lot of conjugation lately and even though it’s important it’s boring. The pronuncation needs more work too.
Watched a video of how to introduce oneself and took notes. Will be useful.

6. Spanish. Find more and more words similar to English which makes this language easier.

7. Swedish and Finnish. As I said, this week situation changed and I started learning better.
Also watched a video of how to introduce self in Finnish. Although I did that in my Finnish classes, but they happened two years ago. Never too much revision when learning new language.
Swedish starts looking similar to German and I hope I won’t mix the two.

Random pictures from notebook
Random pictures from notebook

I know one can’t learn languages without goals, so I thought about it. My Japanese goal remains the same for a while now: to improve language enough that by the time I go to Japan I would be able to navigate myself and converse in Japanese only. So I want to become fluent.
I’m aiming for that 100% from the last Chinese exam. I can’t leave any confusing grammar points on the way.
Also, intermediate in German before summer.
As for the rest of the languages, building vocabulary so that I could start writing my own sentences and become more comfortable.


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