Weekly update #4

Yesterday I was so much into finishing my reports I forgot it was time to look back at my language learning during the week.

I was learning a lot of vocabulary for each language. We finished the chapter in Chinese classes and starting new one this week. I also had some listening in Japanese and Chinese. Not much to say. I feel my textbooks silently judging me for neglecting them for long.lol

And although last time I said those were my last books I lied because I found a Chinese book so cheap I couldn’t resist. It’s from the same series as a Korean book I purchased.
20150223_114148Although it was sent via registered mail, took longer than expected and arrived today. Sadly, CDs are missing. Maybe that’s why it was so cheap.

Book Fair just passed and I met author Salla Simukka who wrote Snow White trilogy. I got to speak a whole sentence in Finnish thanking her for the books. So she also signed my books for me in Finnish. I was really happy to meet her and after the interview with her I like her even more.

Salla Simukka wishing me enjoyful read and lots of thrill.
Salla Simukka wishing me enjoyable read and lots of thrill.

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