Talking about language goals

Hi, I just watched a video of two foreigners speaking Lithuanian and it was heartwarming. I’m happy there are people who love my language and learn it so well. A little more and they will sound native. Their video went viral on facebook and these guys became famous here: appeared on the news, tv and radio.  And here’s the video.

I hope one day I will sound like that in my target languages. Sometimes I imagine talking about some subject while switching from one language to another without changing the subject. Not just being able to intoduce myself in every language. I watched videos of polyglots who made my goal possible. They speak so comfortably and confidently I was in awe.


4 thoughts on “Talking about language goals

  1. Regarding the first portion of the second video where the guy is speaking Japanese for a minute or two, his grammar is pretty good and I would say his ability is impressive, considering that he speaks at least 6 languages.

    Having said that, he does have quite an accent and stumbles a bit at the end of that portion. Also, in addition to using typical “あの”, “えっと~” sounds, partway through he seems to devolve into using something that sounds like “uh” which is not a sound that is present in the Japanese language.

    Anyway, like I said he is pretty impressive overall but I’m not sure if I would consider him fluent in Japanese.

    Of course, pronunciation is one of the hardest parts of learning a foreign language, and I’m sure my Japanese isn’t perfect either (:

    1. I’m sure he will improve 🙂 Maintaining few languages at the same time needs work.

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