March plans


I had nothing worth sharing from last week in my progress with any of languages. Instead, I made a plan for studying in my birthday month, March. It includes most of my owned and even borrowed books.

German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish: conjugation of each language.

Chinese: half of the chapters (5) from Scenario Chinese II because it’s a book from library. This is for self-studying.

Japanese: 7 & 8 chapters from AIAIP, revise previous grammar points (at least few), master 20 new kanji.

Korean: 文法から学べる韓国語 14 – 19 chapters, しっかり身につく韓国語 4 – 8 chapters, 엔세 한국어 읽기 6 – 8 chapters and 5 – 8 chapter revision.


I’m curious if I can do everything in time, or maybe I’ll finish all earlier.


2 thoughts on “March plans

  1. It’s interesting that you are learning Korean using a Japanese-language book (: ” 文法から学べる韓国語 “. Why did you choose that over a English-language book?

    1. I’ve been learning Japanese for a while so I thought I would understand a textbook in Japanese.
      And for now it was cheaper than books in English.

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