Japanese immersion day


It was a fun day using Japanese and learning from the morning. I started with random tweets in Japanese feeling sleepy and bored and cold in the library after waking up early for nothing. I was waiting for decent time to go to the Japan embassy because I thought it works only from 10:00. I picked up two translated novels, two children books in Japanese and Read Real Japanese.

At home I learnt new words on memrise, looked through the AIATIJ textbook’s finished chapters where I marked kanji I can’t read and could colour some in different colour because I know them now but not as many as I thought.

In the evening I read few pages from Read Real Japanese and took notes, then read few pages from children books. I tried reading them to myself silently and sometimes I stumble over words, sometimes I read smoothly. Didn’t understood everything. I need reading practice.

Talked to few Japanese girls I know on twitter too.

It must be the Spring-ish weather. I felt much better today and had fun. Now I should watch a dorama episode if I decide what I want to watch.


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