Thinking like native

There has been a lack of my updates here and I have a few reasons for that but today I had to make a post about an email that showed me a different approach to languages. It told how native people think in their language. They don’t think in individual words but in chunks. For example, in English

  1. How’s it going?
  2. I’ll give you a call.
  3. Don’t worry about it!

I’m also at the point in the language where I don’t think about every individual word in the sentence. I’ll just post a screenshot from the email.


I’m happy to know I think like native in English but when it comes to other languages I often learn individual words only. I use flashcard system and not many teaches phrases or sentences. Should I give up on learning individual words and learn only sentences? I’m not a person to make such sudden changes so I will continue learning vocabulary while thinking that ‘maybe it’s not the best way to learn but it proved working before’. On the other hand, I can’t think in sentences in most of my target languages.

So I know it’s not good but still continue doing that.


5 thoughts on “Thinking like native

  1. I think this is a great long-term goal but until you learn basic vocab and grammar it’s hard to do this in a native language. But definitely set aside part of your study time to experiment with this.

    1. Were you always using this method in learning? I’m even more keen on doing that as well, now..

      1. There’s no way that’s lazy. It takes more to write a sentence than a word xD But it’s definitely good wanting to know more.

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