Summing up March


March is over and I’m summing up my language progress as well as planning April.

Out of curiosity I counted time while studying each language and this is my month in one screenshot 😀
Screenshot_2015-03-31-23-12-47Chinese classes aren’t counted but they would make Chinese the language I spent most time studying. In self-studying, Japanese and then German.

In the beginning of the year I was more absorbed with European languages but in March I spent more time learning Asian languages. The more you use the language – the better you get, are words many say and I agree. I feel I hadn’t spent enough time for everything but I couldn’t even if I wanted.

Talking about actual studying I did, I haven’t completed all goals. With IAIJ I’m almost done with one chapter of two planned. I got stuck at boring reading passage about some Dutch man. I leave it to finish in April +1 chapter. This month my kanji knowledge increased in at least 18 kanji, almost as much as I wanted and I will continue at this pace. Read Real Japanese book wasn’t in my original plan but it was a fun way of learning new phrases. I like how translation is broken down in bits with some additional notes. Progressing with it as much as possible this month.

Yay, grammar.
Yay, grammar.

When Chinese classes started, at first I couldn’t concentrate well and forgot a lot of things including those I just learnt earlier the same lesson. I blame stress for that. Luckily, later my brain started working and now when teacher asks in Chinese I take little time to understand what I’m asked and respond.
20150318_223816This is a paper from the practice after finishing chapter about directions and I felt proud of myself that I could answer in long sentences without mistakes. I messed up in second part, last sentence.

Also, gave up on Chinese textbook I borrowed because it takes too much time. The texts are long and there’s no pinyin and very few words translated. Still too many new characters to translate and it’s tiring. Instead, I’ll go with my bought book and do two chapters because they have a lot of new words for me and exercises are pretty big.

As for Korean, feeling upset. There are enough chapters to finish in April. I started learning Korean in April last year but I didn’t go far since then.

Finally, European languages…I tend to talk about them as a group (because I’m not taking them seriously). In March I was learning new vocabulary, verb conjugations, so why not learning more vocabulary and use it to write my own sentences even if they come out silly.


Taking notes in native language feels so weird, I’m used to using English. But I happened to get German grammar in Lithuanian.

And at last, I created my own decks on Memrise: one for Korean vocabulary I encounter in textbooks and the other for Finnish vocabulary from the library textbook. Going to finish(n xD) adding all the new words and take second part and do the same,

Learning languages this month was usually my get-away and relaxation from uni chores. I spend too much time analysing my text so now I wonder if I wrote this post well xD

I wanted to make an audio post speaking a bit in Chinese and saying that Japanese text I wrote at top, but chickened out last minute.


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