Finished another drama

Recently started and finished two dramas. One was Osen.

It’s about traditional restaurant Isshouan, with one of my favourite actresses, Yuu Aoi. At first I didn’t like her character because it seemed silly but by the end of first episode I changed my mind and grew to like her even more with each episode. The last episode was horrible, it ruined the good mood I had. I felt like it was incomplete. I plan to rewatch it sometime and ignore last two episodes. pretend they never happened

But I loved the rest for the traditional food and all the hard work put into making delicious food. It was so inspirational I started cooking more again instead of eating easy-to-make dishes all the time. It was inspiring to do my best in everything.

Other drama I just finished is Good luck or グッドラック!!

It’s about new copilot Shinkai Hajime and he’s very enthusiastic about his dream job. It was funny , emotional at times and I had fun watching. Always sad to end a good show.

Fun connection between both was this bridge that appeared in both dramas.

vlcsnap-2015-04-17-00h00m02s1 vlcsnap-2015-04-21-23h34m40s10


2 thoughts on “Finished another drama

  1. I agree with you, the last episode of Osen is incomplete. Actually I didn’t understand what it was going to happen :/ The best thing is to watch it without the last two episodes as you said ahaha (:

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