How to say…

Quick post about a web page I discovered. I was using phone when looking for a phrase in Japanese on google and the first post that came up was from Mr How To Say.

Now I looked at it more carefully and I found that I can get translations in almost all of my target languages (except for Swedish and Finnish) and more.

Using the site is simple. You just pick your native language (mine isn’t there of course, so I use English /le sigh), language you’re learning and you can browse entries.

There are short, long, random, popular, new sentences or categories to choose from. Usually in Japanese sentences I found one translation but I found three translations in a German sentence so I think anyone can post a translation. This reminds me of lang-8. But mostly it reminded me of yahoo where people post various questions.

Found some Japanese sentences translated by, there’s also a hover feature.

The ‘Read As’ for Japanese could be better. What if new students of Japanese using this page reads これは日本です as ‘koreha nihon desu’ and starts saying ‘kore ha’ when it should be ‘wa’?

There are quite a lot sentences waiting to be translated to and from Japanese so there’s probably not much luck if you’d try to post your request.

Anyone interested in checking it out, go here.


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