April is over

This was the longest and the shortest month. Longest because of weather warrying from winter to summer and all the things I did which is hard to believe it happened during the same month. But shortest because I want to enjoy the actual spring and how everything becomes light green and starts blooming and how nice evenings smell…pretty things aside, too short for language learning. I mean, look.


Enough said.

‘I’m going to study x tomorrow’ and then tomorrow and maybe tomorrow and hey, it’s April 30th.

Trial and error and learn from your mistakes, huh? I planned my studies, but forgot an important thing. Time management. Today an idea fell from the sky and into my gmail by telling me to plan my studies for each day. Most likely it would take me entire day to study a bit of each from 8 languages by going through a bunch of resources/textbooks and I can’t allow myself that much. That’s why now I have an A4 page with a time table for 7 days and 8 languages and things to do each day. It’s not tidy enough for display but seems like a real plan. I am most productive Monday-Thursday and I put most studying in these days. 6 languages on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, 6 on Wednesday and then 8 on Thursday and all in difficult levels in difficulty to not burn. Only two easier lessons on Fridays and review on weekend. 4 on Saturday, 4 on Sunday. Phew.

I believe in power of schedules. You must follow them and can’t skip them just because you feel like skipping. Unless some stronger force ruins it- anyway.

Now time for a cake because my blog turned 1 yesterday and so did my Korean learning. I remember I opened the notebook and thought about where should I start. And so I started with spacing, TTMIK lesson. I don’t know why I thought it’s so important, it sounds more difficult than it is.

Back to the cake, which I’d share with each of you who somehow ended up following me. There are 60 of you, wow!

So many language learners I would like to match one day. I get inspired just by reading about others’ journeys in language learning

From now on, hopefully, less error, more fun learning languages.


2 thoughts on “April is over

  1. I like this post! I’m actually having a bit of trouble myself with my timetable… for just 1 language. It’s ridiculous. But seriously, you’re one of the blogger learners inspiring me to push myself studying. ありがとうございます!^^

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