It has been decided

Chinese exam is next Tuesday. The classes are over 😦 We finished our third textbook and doing review of this semester tomorrow. Just thinking that there will be no more Chinese classes makes me sad. But lots of things will change once I graduate and I fear those changes.

Done with textbook
Done with textbook

Spring has been life-changing already. All the sights and scents are too much to comprehend. I got inspired by good books and interesting people in books and suddenly have my old interests coming back. Maybe my brain is overheated from Bachelor’s thesis’ writing and it’s counting last days so I can’t focus on anything else. Naturally. At least in the first days I followed my schedule, checking it every day for what I have planned and doing what I most wanted at the moment. That’s how learning is fun.

I love textbooks, after all. Started using books from series ‘Teach yourself’ for all languages except Asian. I like textbooks because of their order and plan which I have to follow and learn instead of cramming random stuff, so at first I didn’t neglect schedule points of learning new dialogues from these books.

Finnish for foreigners 1 & 2
Finnish for foreigners 1 & 2

These are from my library and they are sooo old. Some dialogues are weird, I don’t know why Finnish learners should bother with those ridiculous dialogues. This makes no sense to those who don’t know what I’m speaking about so here’s how the two weirdest ones look like.




To save up time I pphotograph most of the dialogues and grammar that I could study later, when I’m done with Teach yourself Finnish, for example. I also have few more chapters from Chinese textbook my teacher sent me. We planned to do more lessons but there’s no time.

Once the thesis is done I will have energy for languages again. That thought motivates me a little.


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