New books

I did not buy them. I picked up a copy of Speak Chinese today (which sounded similar to Speak Chinese after one day but it isn’t) by Tuttle.


As description says it’s suitable for self-study. There are 25 dialogues: each entirely in characters, entirely in pianyin and English translation. There’s vocabulary following the text. Second part of the book are grammar lessons. I planned a new studying schedule and put this book in. It’s much more on my level than the previous one I tried.

I like to check the shelf where University library puts books they give away and sometimes I find gold there. Found a German magazine from 2006 and 4 French textbooks.


Three different levels and all from different series, sadly. They are also written entirely in French.


The first two are clearly beginner’s level and after skimming pages I decided I could understand them. They are meant for classrooms because no answers provided in the back of the books.


Must be intermediate level. As colourful as textbooks above.


As cover suggests, B2 European level. I’m kilometres away from its level. Black and white with no pictures, seems like a difficult textbooks.

I didn’t lie at the beginning of the post even though I bought two Japanese grammar books but they came a while ago and stand on the shelf waiting patiently until I finish with intermediate book.


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