Having fun learning and Chinese sentence particles

Yesterday it was pouring whole day so I stayed inside and spent majority of the day studying languages. A mixture of a few.

I started Speak Chinese Today and wrote down first dialogue.

Reminds me of some texts from class textbook where there would be a short dialogue and biggest box of new words.
Reminds me of some texts from class textbook where there would be a short dialogue and biggest box of new words.

It’s just a dialogue, I had to take a break before tackling down grammar. The first grammar lesson introduces particles. It mentions main four I learnt in class: 啊,马,了,呢.

I learnt that these particles has more meanings than I knew.

了 indicates change.

我病了-I am sick (I was fine yesterday)

Now I know that it can be used for “yes or no” questions using same words in answer whether positive or negative: 关门了吗?关了。-Is it closed? (Yes), it is closed.

马 is interrogative particle in “yes or no” questions.

你喝咖啡吗?-Do you drink coffee?

Well, nothing new here.

啊 is sentence final particle used to sound “less abrupt or brusque”. Reminds me of Japanese が usage.

行啊。好啊。-Ok; good.

Now I see that it’s more difficult than that because of changing syllables. And it has more usages: greeting, explaining, commanding, warning, reminding.

呢 I knew as -ing.

他睡觉呢。-He is sleeping.


It can indicate obvious facts.

我昨天晚上睡得才好呢!-I slept very well indeed last night (contrary to what you think)

Added to interrogative sentences to seek particular information.

这是什么呢?-What is this(anyway)?

Question marker to mean “How about..?”, “Where is..?”

他去,你呢?-He is going, how about you? (I knew this usage)

我的书呢?-Where is my book?

I’m really enjoying this book ^^

I mentioned I’m using Teach Yourself series for most languages. Each chapter has few dialogues (which I wrote down) and tasks (which I usually skip or read a little) but Teach Yourself Swedish also had a text.


I ignored English translation, wrote down text and marked unknown words, then their translation and understood everything.

This is a bit late and off topic but so happy Sweden won Eurovision after one year again. I loved the previous and this song and feel so proud of them. Some polyglot said he’ll learn the language of the country that wins. Me too, me too…

I hope everyone is enjoying their language learning.


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